AO Smith Water Heater Reviews

AO Smith Water HeaterAO Smith water heater appears to be among the most used HVAC system in North America. With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, the company has manufactured wide range of products to fill the needs of a comfort living space. Several popular brands such as Maytag, John Wood, and Reliance are also known to be rooted in AO Smith and that should provide you with a brief picture of how its water heaters will perform for you. Like other big name manufacturers, this giant makes various types of residential water heaters which are compatible with three most used fuel sources: solar, gas, and electric. We’ll talk more about AO Smith water heater in the following segment.

Why Choose AO Smith Water Heater

To see a big number of sales on its water heaters, it’s pretty normal for AO Smith to introduce its own distinctive selling points. We have listed them below but keep in mind that they are only found on the company’s gas water heaters.

Green-Choice: If you have big concern to the effect of using HVAC products against the environment, this should please you. Any gas-powered AO Smith water heater that has this feature is claimed to reduce NOx emission up to 33%.

Blue Diamond: This refers to the name of coating that is applied to the inner surface of the tank, shielding it from corrosion.

DynaClean: It’s a system that is capable of wiping out any sediment build-up inside the tank. It’s onboard by default only on PROMAX models.

CoreGuard: It appears to be a rod made of either magnesium or aluminum and having the core of stainless steel. It’s devised to protect the tank from the potential harm caused by strong water activity. Only available on CONSERVANIONISTS and PROMAX models.

Many Kinds of AO Smith Water Heater

There are lots of options offered by the company to suit your installation preferences. Here they are,

Tankless: You will want to go with this particular type of water heater if you need hot water only on demand and have the appropriate plumbing system. Unlike the tank-type heater, this one is designed with efficiency in mind. Be prepared for a very high initial investment because the installed cost is not very cheap.

Hybrid: As one of the biggest players in the industry, the company is proud to introduce its line of hybrid water heaters called NEXT which operate on both electric and gas. This AO Smith water heater is available as tankless and tank-type models.

Electric: If there is one electric water heater that has Energy Star rating, it’s only the VOLTEX Series from AO Smith. You can choose between the 60 or 80-gallon models but worry not because both are eligible for tax credit and state rebate.

Condensing: On the highest-end offering, the company has a line of water heater with condensing technology to ensure maximum efficiency. Called VERTEX, this water heater has thermal efficiency of 0.90-0.96. It’s only available in 50-gallon model.

Gas: If you can’t afford any units on VERTEX series, the EFFEX series is a pretty good alternative. While they don’t have the same high efficiency (only 0.70), they’re still equipped with the company’s exclusive features like CoreGuard. Available in 40 and 50-gallon models, this gas-powered AO Smith water heater is approved by Energy Star.