Best Noritz Tankless Water Heater Reviews

In fact, taking bath with warm water will always give the comfort. Moreover, the warm water can release the stress and tiredness. Surely, it can also fully clean your body and mind. In order to get the warm water, of course you need the water heater. As for recommendations, Noritz tankless water heater is the good option to choose.

Regarding Noritz water heater, there are many great products to choose. Among them, you will find category of tankless heater that will make things more efficient in installation and storage management. Of course, some Noritz tankless water heater reviews will give nice reference of product or device. Check them out.

The Top 10 Best Noritz Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

#1. The Noritz NRC66DVNG

The first recommendation is Noritz NRC66DVNG. This is effective water heater without the tank. Although it has no tank, its capacity in providing warm water should not be doubted. It is able to give good capacity of warm water and provide up to 6.5 gallons per minute. By having this capacity, it will not take much time for preparation since it gives warm water in few seconds after you set the heater.

In order to make sure you get the comfort, it gets some options of adaptors and terminations. It will give easy access for venting options, so it can be adjusted with the condition in your house or building. Then, the water heater also gets long warranty. The heat exchanger even gets up to 12 years of warranty, so it is able to provide security and it will make sure you will always get comfort in case there is technical problems in the device.

#2. The Noritz NRC98DVNG

The next reference of tankless water heater is Noritz NRC98DVNG. This is a heater with compact and lightweight model. The dimension is not too big, and it will give you easy access in installation process. It will not take too much space, and it can be placed strategically. Therefore, it will be easy to set the piping in order to provide warm water.

In term of its capacity, the water heater is able to provide up to 9.8 gallons per minute. It will be enough even if you want to fill the bathtub, and you need to do it as soon as possible. It will actually not take much time for heating process. In addition, once the device is on, it will provide endless warm water.

#3. The Noritz NRC98-DVLP

There is also Noritz NRC98-DVLP. One of the good points offered by this machine is power efficiency. The technology installed on this heater will make sure it takes less power consumption for the heating process. It also has stable temperature control and does not require buffer tank for its control. It will give both efficient space and effective power management.

Related to the water capacity, it is able to provide up to 9.8 gallons per minute. It will make sure you can get endless warm shower every day. Moreover, it is built to give good durability. The external and interior parts are built from good quality, so it becomes good investment and you have nothing to worry about the errors. Even, it gives long warranty as the precaution in case there are some unexpected technical problems.

#4. The Noritz EZTR40NG

When you have water heater that uses tank, it can be quite problematic. Of course, it takes space and it makes the installation less efficient and effective. In case you use 40 gallons tank of water heater, the tank can be replaced by Noritz EZTR40NG. This model is specified as the replacement for 40-gallons tank. Well, it surely will make things more efficient and effective.

For installation and replacement, it will not be too difficult. The water heater is already equipped with plumbing on top of the device. It gives easier process in dealing with pipes, so it will involve less piping modification. Therefore, the duration and complexity in its installation can be reduced. There are also some types of venting provided for this device which are ready to use. There is no additional cost in the replacement process.

#5. The Noritz NRC66ODLP

One thing for sure about this outdoor tankless water heater is the compact design. From its look, it is already clear that it has nice and smaller size. Of course, it will take less space for installation. It can make things easier. Moreover, it is also quite lightweight, so there will be no problems and it can be installed alone by yourself.

Then, for flow rate, it can provide up to 6.6 gallons per minute. It is more than enough when you only have a bathroom at home. You can have endless shower with warm water and the device will always provide water with the same temperature due to its temperature control. It also gives better power efficiency. In heating the water, it uses liquid propane and the consumption is quite low.

#6.The Noritz NR98SVLP

There is also Noritz NR98SVLP. This is the recommended residential heater. Of course, it uses no tank for the water heater. Then, it gives easy access in case you need to have higher capacity. It provides quick connect cable, so you can easily connect two water heaters of this model to get higher volume of capacity.

In term of capacity, the device is able to provide high flow rate. The rate is up to 9.8 gallons per minute. For a single bathroom, it is actually more than enough. That’s why it also has easy access for connecting two devices to get more capacity. Then, it also uses good quality of copper for piping and heat exchange. It gives thicker material and stronger durability. Therefore, it will have less possibility of problems.

#7. The Noritz NR98SVNG

In house, sometimes higher capacity of water heater is needed. However, when it has to use water tank, it will take much space, and it is less efficient. In this case, this tankless water heater is good solution. If you need high capacity of hot water, you can easily install two devices and connect them. The devices will work together to provide more capacities. There is Quick Connect Cord as one of features provided by the device. It will make sure the device can be connected easily and quickly. Moreover, it will work effectively in giving the hot water.

Then, it also has good water flow rate up to 9.8 gallons per minute. When it is for the residential use, it will be more than enough. Moreover, it is supported with good heating speed and temperature control. Even if you are using the device for endless shower, it will give the same temperature.

#8. The Noritz NR50ODNG

For the outdoor application of water heater, Noritz NR50ODNG is the nice recommendation to choose. Since it is dedicated for outdoor use, it has better durability to deal with outdoor problems, including the weather. Of course, it can give good temperature control. For your information, the water temperature can always be stable, even when it is during unfriendly weather. For the power, it uses natural gas.

In providing warm water, it has good flow rate. Well, its flow rate is not the highest among the other tankless water heater, but it is still enough to give endless warm water. The flow rate is up to 5.0 gallons per minute. It will give endless warm shower experiences. Even, it will heat the water in high speed, so you will not need to spend much time to wait for the process.

#9. The Noritz NR83DVCLP

We all agree that the durability of devices is needed to give comfort. In this case, this water heater is the right choice when it comes to the point of durability. It has great material in each part, so it is able to make sure that the device can last for years. Then, it is also compact and lightweight. There is very useful feature since it gives easier access in installation. Even, it is possible to install the device by yourself due to its weight and size. As for protection, it uses thicker piping made of copper. Well, the heat exchange can be done effectively and safely.

In term of water capacity, you have no problems to worry. Even if you are kind of person who loves to spend time in the shower, it will give the endless water. In order to give enough capacity, its flow rate is up to 8.3 gallons per minute. Then, it also has good temperature control, so it will be fine even if you keep using the shower for long duration.

#10. The Noritz NRC71DVNG

The last reference of tankless water heater is Noritz NRC71DVNG. This is good option when you love to have an indoor condensing heater. Yes, it is dedicated for indoor installation. Regarding the installation process, it has compact size. It will give easier access and it will not take much space in indoor space for the device. Then, it uses natural gas as the source of power. The device is very effective to heat the water.

In addition, it is also said the machine will give endless hot water. It is surely nice point to gain from the device. It is very effective when you love to spend time in your shower since it has good temperature control, so stable temperature of water can be provided for you. Then, its flow rate is also quite high. It is up to 7.1 gallons per minute. It is not the best rate, but enough for your shower.


Well, those are some references of tankless water heater from Noritz. There are various models, and each of them has different specifications, designs, and also features. Of course, there are also some specific uses to consider in choosing them.

For your information, to choose the suitable water heater, it is important to check the flow rate, size and capacity, as well as the detailed features. In term of quality, there are no problems to worry about the Noritz tankless water heater. All of them have the good quality, so it is only the matter of choosing the most suitable one.