Best Propane Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Warm water creates relaxed condition when you need to get rid of fatigue. In order to deliver such water, you need propane tankless water heater. This device is heater installed at bathroom to produce direct warm water. The source of energy comes from propane that makes the device free from electricity. You can keep the warm water without worrying about electrical wire inside the bathroom or shower box.

Several products are considered as the best propane tankless water heater. Manufacturers produce them with utmost development. Heating water is done quickly and you do not have to wait long. The best water heater is mostly the popular or unknown one. You can recognize the product names, including where they come from. In fact, the best choice to prevent unwanted situation is by choosing the popular one.

Discussing water heater, particularly propane tankless mode, it involves several aspects. You need to check the capability to generate heating based on how much water will be ready. Keep in mind tankless design will connect directly to water supply or head shower. There is no tank for water before the heating is done. When you pull showerhead or faucet, the water comes directly and already in heat temperature. Propane tankless water heater should have capability to adjust and transform heating as fast as possible.

Top 5 Best Propane Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

1. Takagi T-K4-IN-LP

One of the best water heaters is Takagi T-K4-IN-LP. The design is simple that looks like a box with white color and few controls as well as features attached at top and below sections. Based on official information, this device is for indoor installation, such as bathroom or shower area. You can put this one for supplying warm water in the house. For capacity, this model is better than previous one due to high capability to generate more water stream that’s enough for up to three bathrooms. That’s why one heater is enough for your entire bathroom supply

The features include 11,000 – 190,000 BTU/hr, electronic ignition, direct conversion, safety control, 0.8 energy controls, and 0.8 GPH. As it mentioned in previous part, the direct conversion is the common feature in propane tankless heater. You can install and plug then adjust the temperature and heat level. After that, you will receive the warm or hot water directly from faucet. Energy consumption is relatively lower compared to other products. You can keep this water heater up to 190,000 BTU/hr, even lower than that level. Moreover, energy control is the feature to balance propane consumption, especially when the device is being used simultaneously.

Another feature is called electronic ignition that connects between water heater and propane gas. You may keep the heater for continuous usability, but it is eligible to stop when you do not want to obtain warm water for longer period. Ignition protects heater and propane from unexpected ignition process. This is part of safety measure especially when the house does not have enough vents. For additional support, you can add stainless cover.

2. Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM

You may like outdoor activity or just sun bathing at back yard. With friends and kids around, there is one interesting activity you can have. When having warm pool outdoor alongside water heater, just connect heater from indoor bathroom into pipe in order to generate water stream. That’s quite complex thing and there is issue for having failure system. In order to overcome this situation, the solution is portable water heater. For such purpose, the best choice is Camplux 5l 1.32 GMP. This product is specifically for generating warm water in outdoor area. The highest temperature is approximately 46 degree Celsius that’s enough for enjoying beautiful scenery while soaking in hot pool.

This device has compact size with handling that can be folded. You can put it anywhere then install it quickly. Heating process uses propane gas including battery for ignition. With such features, the device does not need extra electricity that you will not find outdoor easily. The battery is also capable to prolong water heater durability. Other features are oxygen depletion, anti-freeze mode, flame protection, and over heat protection. Well, anti-freeze is necessary when you need hot water during cold season. You do not need to worry because the entire device uses heat protection. Therefore, everyone will be safe even though there are kids at surrounding.

The capacity is 1.32 GPM with direct conversion. Besides, you might use this heater for indoor bathroom. Each device will have responsibility to single bathroom.
Instead of installing complex system, portable tankless water heater will handle the rest of task in heating water process.

3. Rinnai RU98EP

One water heater is for all bathrooms at house. This is what Rinnai RU98EP does as water heater devices. The design is quite bulk due to big size that you need to install outdoor. Manufacturer provides protection when installing it in region with harsh weather. The device will be safe and no malfunction like freeze, over heat, debris and dust, or completely broken. Rinnai produces this one for generating vast hot water. You may install in more than two bathrooms. They will receive enough hot water even though the bathrooms are being used at the same time. This capability puts Rinnai RU98EP as the top choice for residential bathroom supply.

Another benefit is 0.93 energy factor, and the maximum BTU is approximately 199,000 per hour. Energy factor represents energy ratio that the device consumes when generating certain level of warm water. With that number, this device is generally at the top rate because the number is close to 1.0. It is considered at the most balance factor. If you need water heater with high efficiency level, the answer is this product. BTU is at standard level that does not consume excess propane tank when you boost the device capability.

Manufacturer provides manual book for guideline on how users operate and control this device. As it mentioned above, the main energy comes from propane gas for heating generator. You still need to connect this one into electricity system. After that, several connectors will help to spread water to many bathrooms. Besides the size that’s quite big, this heater is for outdoor installing since it generates additional heat around the device surface. When the system is at work, the heat will be released directly.

4. Marey GA10LP

Tankless water heater becomes popular choice because of simple and easy installation. Moreover, energy consumption is relatively efficient, particular for long usability. The product does not need much space, and you can install it almost anywhere. Some of them are portable appliance for outdoor and indoor installation.

Another best water heater is Marey GA10LP. At first glance, the design is compact and quite small compared to other products. White color is at the entire cover with some ports and connectors which ready for utilization. Based on official information, you will obtain up to 3.1 GPM. Well, it is enough for bathrooms in your house.

Another feature is tankless heater that relies on propane gas for generating heat. You do not have to worry for electricity because this appliance uses battery for ignition until the water is ready. Furthermore, the heating process is capable to fulfill demand for hot water. Some regions have electricity outrage that might devastate electronic appliance. In such case, this product from Marey does not receive any issue when such situation happens. You can enjoy hot water even though there is no electric source at your house due to such incident.

The next feature is energy consumption related to water bill. As you know, energy price increases every year. This appliance is capable to keep balance between consumption and saving up to 60%. Do not worry when the energy is at high price, especially during winter because more people rely on water heater. That’s the top reason to consider this product for your home.

5. Rinnai RU98IP

Rinnai is known as the top brand in water heater appliance. The company produces several products, and one of them is RU98IP. This product is tankless water heater that relies on propane gas for energy consumption. You can save water bill after installing this appliance at your home. The design is compact with strong and high durable cover for outdoor installation. For your information, this appliance requires proper space, and indoor is out of question. While working in heat generating, the device produces certain heat that needs to release immediately into atmosphere. It is a part of efficient system to prevent failure system.

With big size, it can produce hot water for many bathrooms simultaneously. Usually, one to three bathrooms are common in single house. You may connect each bathroom using several ports. This appliance uses direct conversion to activate water heating directly. You just wait for a moment and endless water flow will come automatically. This is what tankless heater does because you do not need to add big water tank. Heating system is automatic as long as you do not forget the propane gas. Using gas is better than direct heating via electricity. Energy consumption for this appliance is 0.94 which is very high compared to other products.

You can save bill and money when the energy price is at high level. The installation is simple and less technical. This product has manual book and you need to read it before installing. For maintenance, you just prevent direct weather, such as snow, rain, dust, and wind. That’s what you should know about this product.


Based on what have been explained at above section, tankless water heater has several benefits. The installation does not take much space, even though the appliance is quite big in term of size. Bigger size means you can obtain more water for supplying several bathrooms simultaneously. This is good option if you have at least two bathrooms at house and each needs hot water. One particular aspect you should check is how much water that appliances can produce. You may have small one for each bathroom, especially the one with portable capability. It comes in handy for outdoor or camping, but it does not work properly at high altitude.

Each of them has pros and cons, but they are considered at list of the best propane tankless water heaters. You may only use propane gas and put side electricity for moment. Some devices rely on battery as additional ignition mode. When there is no power, you can still enjoy hot water anytime.