Bosch GL2.5 Electric Water Heater Reviews

As a water heater, Bosch GL2.5 rather confuses us in a way that it can’t be classified into both tankless and tank-type model. Although its physical dimension looks similar to common tankless units, this heater actually has a built-in tank. To be exact, the tank is capable of storing up to 2.5 gallons of water. On the other hand, we also can’t consider it as a tank-type model simply because the volume of the tank is too small.

The minimum storage for water heater to be classified as tank-type is 30 gallons. Aside from that, it can prove to be a very handy addition to supply a single sink of yours with hot water. Scroll down to get more information about Bosch GL2.5 electric water heater.

Bosch GL2.5 Electric Water Heater Features :

Bosch GL2.5 Electric Water Heater– Compact and lightweight design for easy DIY installation
– Durable built-in tank with glass lining inside and volume of 2.5 gallons
– Allowing for synchronous operation with whole-house water heater
– Compatible with standard power outlet
– Requiring 120 volts and 1500 watts
– 6-year warranty and 1-year for parts


Bosch GL2.5 is arguably one of the most compact and lightweight electric water heaters in the industry. With weight of only 16 pounds and height of 14-inch, it will definitely save you from the common hassle during installation. Its operation is also very straightforward. Once you connect it with your plumbing system, all you need is hooking it up to a standard outlet. Unlike many electric tankless water heaters, this model comes with a mini-tank. Not only is it useful to minimize the burst of cold water during the first draw but also it’s small enough to get you free out of typically painful regular maintenance.

As what the company suggests, Bosch GL2.5 can be used as an independent point-of-use heater for single sink only or as a backup to your main heater. The construction seems pretty reliable, thanks to the glass lining on the inner surface of the tank. In terms of consumer’s protection, you’re protected with 6-year warranty. It will always be valid even if you install the unit by yourself.


As a small indoor electric heater, Bosch GL2.5 doesn’t have the qualified efficiency to be certified by Energy Star. Furthermore, even though it does come with a thermostat, the range of control that is allowed for homeowners is very limited. Depending on your point of view, the built-in mini tank can be somewhat a disadvantage too. While it’s true that it’s too small to contain lots of water for a long time, it does still provide some way for bacteria to breed. You may not believe it but you never know what’s going on the closed enclosure inside the tank.


For an independent point-of-use electric water heater, this model seems to have the capability to function satisfactorily. It has compact design for easy installation and is compatible with standard wall outlet for simple application. However, it is not efficient enough to receive an Energy Star rating. If you can put that aside, then Bosch GL2.5 might please you in the end.