Navien NPE-240A Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Among the most expensive water heater is Navien NPE-240A. Its high cost doesn’t come for nothing, though. For the huge investment you have to afford at the beginning, you get the most advanced condensing technology in the whole water heater industry. Such an advantage enables the heater to achieve thermal efficiency up to near 100%. Unfortunately, due to too high maximum gas input, this heater doesn’t qualify for Energy Star rating. That aside, Navien NPE-240A has more convenient and interesting features other than just efficiency to talk about. We’re going to dig into these features and lay them out nicely for you in the following.

Navien NPE-240A Tankless Water Heater Features

Navien NPE-240A Tankless Water Heater– Compatible with common 1/2-inch gas line and 2-inch PVC venting
– Running on both natural gas and liquid propane
– Having condensing technology for maximum thermal efficiency
– Coming with buffer tank and recirculation pump
– 15-year warranty for heat exchanger
– Intelligent Preheating technology
– Easy regular maintenance
– Dual heat exchangers made of stainless steel
– Simple command center interface


In comparison to the competition, Navien NPE-240A is clearly on the upper hand. With novel and exclusive condensing technology, this heater arguably has the highest thermal efficiency. Furthermore, to help keep the water temperature, it also applies similar dual heat exchangers found on Noritz’s water heaters. The only difference is that on Noritz, the used material is brass or copper while on Navien, they’re made of stainless steel. Onto other unique stuff, the heater is accompanied by buffer tank and recirculation pump. The latter can be set to run externally and linked to another recirculating line on your plumbing system, of course, if you have it.

Additionally, along with the Navien NPE-240A, the company also introduces a smart feature called Intelligent Preheating. Basically, this feature enables the heater to learn about your behavior on shower. Overtime, it’ll be smart enough to determine the time you’re going to turn on the faucets and preheat the water a few minutes before that to minimize the wasted cold water that is common during the first burst. With such capability, you don’t need to turn on the recirculating pump all the time and waste too much electricity. Finally, the 15-year warranty the company provides is simply hard to match.


For some reason, the company doesn’t talk too much about the accompanying remote control for Navien NPE-240A. With it, you can enjoy even more functionality such as accurately configuring the preheating time. Sadly, it is not included with the package. You have to buy the remote separately for some extra cash. Moreover, recirculating pump is of little use, unless you always keep it on which is extremely not recommended. Your jaws will drop when seeing your electricity bill at the end of the month. Last but not least, expect to hear some buzzes during its operation.


The high retail price and complete installation cost for the unit may be a deal breaker for most people. However, if you consider all the benefits the heater has to offer, you’ll understand why the company charges such considerable amount of money. All in all, Navien NPE-240A is one outstanding tankless water heater and we simply have no reason to not recommend it.