Noritz NR98-OD Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Noritz NR98-OD gas-powered tankless water heater is rather different from the competition. While typical heaters are designed for indoor installation, this heater requires homeowners to spare some space outdoor, saving them from all the hassle to configure the venting. Since it’s optimized for permanent outdoor installation, the unit comes with some exclusive built-in features such as safety lock-out, high elevation adjustment, and freeze protection. With thermal efficiency rated up to 84%, it successfully meets all Energy Star requirements in regards to energy efficient water heater. There are still lots of things to talk about this magnificent Noritz NR98-OD and you’re going to find them all out in this review.

Noritz NR98-OD Tankless Water Heater Features

Noritz NR98-OD Tankless Water Heater– Optimized for outdoor installation without venting
– Available in two flavors: natural gas and liquid propane
– Minimum activation flow rate of 0.05 gallons per minute
– Maximum flow rate of 7.5 gallons per minute
– Having thermal efficiency of 0.84
– Energy Star approved
– Built-in monitoring system for self-diagnosis
– Ideal for houses with four showers
– Maximum gas input of 199,900 BTU
– 5-year warranty for parts and heat exchanger and 1-year for labor


Like many water heaters manufactured by the company, both versions of Noritz NR98-OD are Energy Star approved and have thermal efficiency of 84%. The secret sauce appears to come from the dual flame burner under the hood. It is said to be Noritz’s exclusive technology that enables its heaters to maintain both flow rate and output temperature while also keeping the resulting greenhouse gases to the minimum. Also, since it is Noritz that we’re talking about, we can’t easily disregard the fact that the entire components for this heater are manufactured stateside. Other companies mostly opt for outsourcing to keep the production cost low, which is not necessarily good news for consumers.

In term of performance, you’ll be happy to hear that Noritz NR98-OD along with other heaters of the company come with Turbo-flow. What this feature does is keeping the water at the set temperature without necessarily reducing its flow rate, even when demand is high. For this particular model, the maximum flow rate is 7.5 GPM, making it ideal for mid-sized residents with four showers. To help minimize the amount of wasted water during initiation, the heater is set to keep the beginning flow rate at 0.05 GPM. As for warranty, every purchase is protected with 5-year warranty for parts and heat exchanger and 1-year for labor.


Similar to other top rated tankless water heaters, the major drawback from Noritz NR98-OD is its high cost. The retail price starts from $1,799 but it could be even higher for the liquid propane model and since the installation is pretty complex, you will very likely end up hiring a contractor. With licensed personnel on the project, the total installed cost can easily go over $2,500. However, such an efficient water heater like this commonly qualifies for tax credit, state rebate, and other discounts. They won’t make the complete installed cost cheap but you definitely will not want to miss them.


With such an enormous investment at the beginning, many of you will think twice before actually buying it. Make sure you consult with experienced contractor about it. They should have pretty wise advice for you. Overall, Noritz NR98-OD is far from being bad but it’s also far from being affordable.