Rinnai Gas Tankless Water Heater Reviews, Cost and Buying Guide

Water heater becomes popular appliance due to simple installation for delivering hot water. Several models and brands are available in market, such as Rinnai and Navien. Both are brands from Japan that have been in this industry since long time ago. Navien tankless water heater is capable to generate hot water for all bathrooms in your house. You do not need extra tank for keeping the water because heating process relies on direct conversion.

Each brand has several products specifically for certain purpose. For example, you may purchase water heater, ranging from standard energy efficiency to the highest one. Each has similar machinery and platform, but manufacturers add extra and technology that’s capable to produce better result. On the other side, more features mean the house owner needs to spend extra cost. This is similar to Navien tankless water heater cost that differs between standard and more advanced model.

Each product has pros and cons, but the more expensive ones seem to be the best and reliable option. To find the right water heater, you should pay attention to the content of Navien tankless water heater reviews. They explain the basic features that each product has. After that, the exploration extends to the area, such as feature analysis, price for installation and cost, energy efficiency, and heating control.

Introduction to Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

When asking the best tankless water heater, you will obtain one top answer. The name is Rinnai as prominent brand from Japan. The company develops technology that’s capable to boost water heater capacity and quality. Comparing head to head with other brands, it will show excellent result that favors Rinnai. This is why you should start from the popular one when buying water heater for the first time.

Rinnai has several products with various models and specifications. You can choose between indoor, outdoor, and both installation. Each has differences and similarities that important to consider. Indoor installation means all necessary equipment and devices are installed inside the house. You can put this device in bathroom directly or at specific area.

On the other side, outdoor installation is common for house with more than two bathrooms. Water heater is located outside due to big size and exhaust medium heat during generating hot water. Certain appliances are capable to be indoor or outdoor area.

Besides, some aspects are important to know, such as energy factor, condensing feature, GPM, fuel, BTU, and circulation. GMP refers to gallons per minutes when water heater is at work. More GPM means you may share bathroom at the same time. More about Rinnai heat water review will be explained in the following sections.

Features Analysis

The first step before buying tankless water heater is the feature analysis. In general, you understand this appliance is capable to generate hot water anytime. However, that’s not enough because Rinnai has several models based on the level of features you want. You may purchase the most expensive one as solution in order to obtain the best features. That’s good option if money is not an issue.


Most people will put GPM as the top consideration. Bigger numbers mean more flows per minutes. Rinnai enhances GPM capability with excellent technology. On the other side, you should check GPM guideline. GPM will be at peak level when incoming water is quite warm.

In winter season, you need to wait for several minutes until the water is at proper heating level, and the GMP is at normal rate. On the other hand, the heating is faster when the water is relatively warm. Well, the heating only takes small amount of time to be ready.

Fuel Consumption and Source

Next feature analysis explores fuel consumption and source. As it mentioned above, water heater relies on propane gas or LPG. Usually, both sources do not have issue as fuel, as long as you install it properly. Propane gas is preferable due to better flexibility, especially for outdoor installation. Of course, users may put LPG as fuel, and the water heater still works properly.

Fuel consumption uses energy factor to indicate efficiency level. Using it can save energy from electricity, and you do not pay more bills on that matter. On contrary, the bill for fuel consumption has to be put into utmost consideration.

If you want the most efficiency level, the best choice is model with nameplate SE or SE+. Rinnai divides energy factor based on several levels, such as HE and SE. HE means high efficiency and HE+ is better than normal HE. This is similar to SE, which means Super Efficiency, and SE+ is more efficiency than SE.

Condensing and Circulating Model

Two features that separate between normal and advanced water heater are condensing and circulating model. Condensing incorporates gas and water condensation process. While increasing temperature, there is condensing mechanism that works inside water heater. The appliance has two processes to generate hot water as fast as possible.

Circulation model is feature to bring back unused water in order for reheating. You just wait one tap until the heating ready then open it. After several minutes, another tap from different location is opened with warm water. You do not have to wait because the heating is done simultaneously from one pipe to share with others.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Prices

After knowing the features, it is time to explore Rinnai rankles water heater prices. The price starts from the cheapest to the most expensive model. Besides, the information also puts max GMP as consideration. The cheapest product is HE V with price between $650 and $865. Max GPM is 7.5 and 9.8 that’s enough for several taps, bathrooms, shower box, and faucet.

This model has energy factor HE that means High Efficiency. For HE+, you may choose RL and RLX that’s relatively similar in term of specs. The prices for both are between $1,175 and $1,500. You pay more money for 9.8 GPM and less for 7.5 GPM. Both water heaters are suitable for daily utilization.

The next model has SE as energy factor with full name is SE RUS and RUCS. As similar to previous model, both have the same basic specs and capability. You may choose one of them with the price level that’s quite similar. To obtain SE RUS, you need to spend at least $975, and the maximum price is approximately $1,200. Maximum GPM is 6.5 and 7.5 that’s relatively smaller than other models.

On other side, SE is better in term of technology and features compared to HE+ and HE. For SE+ level, the price gap is at least $400 more than SE. Meanwhile, SE+ RU and SE+ RUC have initial price at $1,350, and the maximum one is $1,585. Based on this information, you need to spend up to $1,600 for Super Efficiency plus model.

For the most expensive model, you may choose SE+ RU with price at least $2,000. You will obtain all features, such as condensing and circulating. Moreover, this appliance will deliver each tap with hot water faster than other models.

Installation and Cost

The price that has been explained is for unit only. You need more money for installation project. The cost range depends on model and features in water heater.

1. The fuel

For outdoor installation, you can consider gas line because the fuel should be connected directly. Most gas line is for indoor, and you may need extra money to extend this line into outdoor area. Another good thing is no cost for venting. On the other side, indoor installation needs venting. However, you can spend low cost for gas line. It is simpler when adjusting gas line indoor than outdoor.

2. Plumbing

Next consideration is plumbing because the water heater changes room arrangement, especially venting and gas line. Plumbing might spend more money if your house does not support what the basic water heater needs. You might reduce plumbing to as low as possible in term of cost. However, this idea is not recommended because of high risk for appliance itself. There is issue regarding gas failure, venting problem, and heating mechanism due to lack of proper plumbing.

3. Accessories and size

Other aspects related to installation cost are accessories and size. The big one needs extra space and adjustment. You will pay more for installation of big model. The accessories mean additional supports that Rinnai provides related to specific models. If you choose SE+, the appliance is more sophisticated than others that need extra equipment. For example, you require purchasing cover when installing the device outdoor. On the other hand, lower model is enough with unit only as long as the gas line and venting are done.

Based on what have been explained regarding installation cost, you need at least $2,000. Rinnai provides expert installers to ensure every process is in proper order. Sometimes, you can obtain low fee or no cost at all for installation. The installers are part of trade and they may want to obtain many customers. Reducing installation cost helps to keep them in check when the house owner needs maintenance.