Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost and Everything You Need to Know

There are a lot of things to understand about tankless water heater prices. These days, the water heater machine without a tank is considered more convenient to use. They are cheaper and more environmental friendly as well. This type of heater will heat only the water that you are about to use. It does not have any tank to store previously-heated water.

The good thing about this kind of heater is that it won’t cost too much energy to produce the hot water. The downside is the fact that the hot water is produced slower. If you have settled the choice on the tankless type, the first aspect that you will have to consider is the price. After all, the machine has to be bought anytime soon and there will be the installation process going on to make sure that the machine will work well.

The costs to buy the machine and to install the machine are going to be varied. They are different from one area to another. However, the average price won’t be too far apart. For those who are about to install water heater machine without a tank, here is the information of tankless water heater installation cost.

Tankless Water Heater Costs

Basically, there are two types of tankless water heater that people around the world would use. The first one is electric water heater and the second one is the gas water heater. They are both tankless in type but different in the matter of energy source. The electric-generated machine is more favorable because it is simpler and sometimes more convenient to use.

However, some people also prefer the gas-generated heater because it won’t make the electricity bill too high every month. For the cost, each of the type has different range of price, of course. The price basically depends on the parts of the machinery itself, although brands and market demand can have some impacts on the price as well.

The electric heater is generally cheaper. People can buy this kind of machine with money less than a thousand buck. The average price for tankless water heater with electric model is around $500 to $700 today. As for the gas-generated one, the price for the machine itself is going to cost you $1,000 to $1,200 in average. The price of the gas-generated water heater is way more expensive because there will be more parts to the machine, including the gas tank, to ignite the water heating process.

This is why people tend to use the electric model today. It is cheaper right from the beginning. However, for those who need to use hot water multiple times a day, they will need to turn on the machine multiple times as well and it may have impact on the electricity bill. The electric model also more environmental friendly as it does not produce any greenhouse gasses, as the gas model would do. As the result, it would be easier for the machine to dispose when it is no longer used. These factors make people decide to use the electricity-based water heater in order to provide their household with hot water in daily basis.

Another factor to cause electric model more favorable is the fact that the utility cost or the maintenance cost of the water heater using electricity is going to be cheaper, too. When you use the electric model, you do not have to deal with complicated installation and multiple parts of machinery that require constant checkups. Gas-generated heater will have to be installed in certain way that may force the homeowner to change the ventilation system as well. Electric model is way simpler and does not need annual maintenance.

Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost

The installation cost heavily relies on the labor cost. For the best usage, the tankless water heater machine should only get installed to the household by professional plumbers. They do know how to integrate the machine to the whole plumbing system in the house and thus making the machine works fully functionally after being installed. If you do not have any expertise in plumbing system, do not try to save money by installing the machine on your own.

The labor cost to install the heating machine also heavily depends on the type of machine being used. For the electric heater, the labor cost is going to be cheaper than that of gas heater. Electric model is simpler to install. It will take less than three hours to fully install the machine.

With the average labor cost rate is $85 per hour; the machine can be fully installed only with $170 for the labor alone. Most of the time, it is all what you need to pay. The gas heater is way more expensive because the cost to pay is not only for the labor.

The gas heater will take longer to install because it needs a lot of previous checkups, including installing gas line, heat pumps, adding pipes, and even tearing down drywall. In average, installing gas heater takes 10 hours. It means that the labor cost, with $85 per hour average rate, is $850. It is only for the labor cost.

The additional cost for gas heater is including gas line installation ($1,200 in average), installation of the heat pumps and pipes ($500 in average), and the cost to tear down wall and install new drywall ($200 in average). The total cost for the gas heater installation is around $2,750. The amount is like 16 times more expensive than the cost to install electric heater.

Tankless Water Heater Operating Costs & Factors

The operating cost and factors on a tankless water heater would heavily rely on the type of machine as well. As you can already guess, the overall price for gas heater is still going to be cheaper than the gas heater. Let’s break down the operating factors, along with its costs, into two major parts: the maintenance, the power source, and the updates. Talking about the maintenance, the department of energy makes it clear that machinery like a water heater is going to be mandatory to have its annual checkup. In other words, it needs to be checked by professionals at least once a year.

Both electric heater and gas heater will have to be checked by professional plumbers. The rate to hire professional plumbers, as explained before, is around $85 per hour in average. This may be different in several states, too, depending on the locations of the house as well.

The checkup may cost you around $170 in total. Gas heater sometimes takes longer to checkup because of its multiple parts. Thus, it will cost more than that amount sometimes. The power source is the biggest factor of the operating system.

To operate the water heating machine, electric model will, of course, need electric current, and the gas heater will need natural gas or sometimes propane. To generate electricity in order to make the machine works, you will need to pay for the electricity bill for sure.

The average cost of the price of the current to produce is around $163 every year. As for the price to get your hand on natural gas or propane, it will cost you slightly more expensive amount of money. It is around $185.

For the updates, electric heater does need to be updates when it comes to its voltage. If there are some changes on the voltage, the current system will have to be updates and adjusted to the machine so that it won’t cause any problems in the future. This update needs the help of professional electrician. Hiring an electrician is going to cost you (with $65 per hour average rate) around $130 for two hours update.

As for the gas heater, the update will mostly happen on the gas line. It will need the help of professional plumbers to do the two-hour updates. The cost, still with $85 per hour average rate, is around $170. Generally speaking, it is safe to say that the overall cost for operating the heater with electric source is still cheaper than that of gas heater.